The Problem of Drug Dependence and the Solutions

Treatment of drug dependence in the hospital is the only way to save the patient. Long-term use of drugs causes changes not only in the mental sphere, but also in all systems of human organs. Many narcotic substances affect specific target organs, which are affected first.It is a mistake to believe that the drug causes an exclusively positive effect on its use, contributing to the emergence of euphoria, a feeling of infinite joy, happiness. This effect does not continue for a long time.

An abstinence syndrome – convulsive attempts to get a dose of a drug in any way – does not arise from the desire to have pleasure, but from the inability to tolerate withdrawal, the clinical symptoms of which are chills, nervousness, convulsions, hypertension, mental suffering. After using the drug, the patient becomes easier, but everything repeats if he misses the use of the next portion of the drug. In you will have more information.

The doctor’s task is to get the patient out of this vicious circle, motivating him to decide on drug treatment in the hospital of the narcological hospital.

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Who needs to be treated for drug addiction in a hospital?

Treatment of drug addiction in a hospital in Moscow are people who fall into the trap of drug dependence and want to leave this addiction in the past. Before entering a hospital with a patient, a conversation is held, during which the causes of drug use and the nature of dependence are clarified. Even if the patient does not wish to be treated, the narcologist visits the house in order to convey to the patient the idea that therapy is necessary, since only under the supervision of a qualified specialist is it possible to rid the person of drug dependence with a persistent, long-term effect.

The whole process of treatment is divided into several stages:

  • Motivation;
  • Detoxification;
  • Recovery;
  • Resocialization;

Many admitted to hospital treatment admit that they have tried to cope with dependence on their own, forbidding themselves to use drugs, but were unable to overcome the withdrawal syndrome – the clinic for the realization of the physical dependence of a person on substance. The body seems to force a person to use the drug again and again, subordinating itself to the neurotransmitter system of the brain. The response of the body to the introduction of the drug is a powerful release of dopamine, serotonin and inhibiting the cleavage of these substances, prolonging pleasant sensations.

No natural stimulant is able to cause such a phenomenon, and soon the organism “sits down” on the substance, rejecting any other stimuli as ineffective. Efforts to cope with such global changes are impossible. The most effective at the moment is the treatment of drug addicts in the hospital clinic.

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