Have you heard of the Advanced Financial Specialist of Synergistic of Illinois

Geoffrey Thompson is a knowledgeable investment specialist and also the serial business owner. He has serviced loads of sophisticated offers over the past two years, including real estate advancement, tax-sheltered investments, IPO launches, and also his most recent in the significantly intricate marijuana funding market. Geoff’s capabilities as a company leader and change agent have gained him the respect of peers throughout market fields. While not releasing the next successful venture, he gives his time and also finances to support philanthropic organizations around the better Illinois metro location. He currently is the CEO of Doyen Elements, Synergistic Life Services, and Accelera Innovations, Inc.


Doyen Element’s mission is to bring stature and rate to the whole blossoming Hemp as well as Cannabis ecological community. By developing a “working as a consultant” that gives category-defining business acumen and straight accessibility to a skilled monitoring group with hands-on functional experience, the Company will undoubtedly provide middle as well as nascent market hemp and marijuana endeavors with the cross-functional know-how should promptly increase their services.


Accelera Innovations Inc. was founded when Synergistic Holdings, LLC, a business had or controlled by Geoff Thompson, President of our group and his partner Nancy Thompson obtained 17,000,000 shares of the Company’s ordinary shares for a rate of $0.0001 each share. At the same period, Accelerated Venture Partners, LLC canceled 3,750,000 shares of the Company’s common stock. Complying with these transactions, Synergistic Holdings, LLC possessed around 93.15% of the Company’s issued and also outstanding shares of common stock. Concurrently with the share acquisition, Timothy Neher surrendered from the Company’s Board of Directors and John Wallin was at the same time appointed to the Company’s Board of Directors. Such deal stood for a modification of control of the Company.


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Synergistic Life Services was created with the goal of aiding our customers in every facet of their financial lives. We’ve provided the most personal service offered, therefore making credibility for excellence in our sector. For each of our clients, we aim to assist create financial stability and safety to provide economic independence. Our company is based upon the concept that education and understanding of one’s existing financial situation are essential to make sensible choices concerning one’s future financial condition successfully.



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